How great is video, right?! I'm a fan of all parts in the video machine -- from planning to  storyboarding to shooting to editing to coloring  to those fancy motion graphics. Oh, those fancy motion graphics sure are fancy!

Everything is design! I am pretty sure that's a true statement. Music, houses, print, even the bills we get in the mail have some sweet layout going on with them bad selves. I don't really want to design bills though. Ugh, fine, I'll do it.

My first camera was a blue disposable camera that I left on the bus after a fourth grade field trip. But that minor set back didn't stop me from pursuing my dream of owning a bunch of antique cameras that sit on my shelves.


Landon Stahmer is a content creator.

THE GOOD OL' DAYS • I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska doing fine arts and crafts with the neighborhood kids. I was naturally an "indoor-kid” with a huge exception to rollerblading. When I was five I wanted to be a lion tamer. But turns out I am allergic to cats. When I was ten, I decided I just wanted to make things.  In high school, that computer career test told me to become a doctor. Or scuba instructor. I did neither. Looking back, my ten year-old self had it down. I’m a things maker.




I am thankful for the opportunities afforded me and understand that everything on this website could not have been made entirely on my own. So, to all of those who create and help create, thank you. I’m probably going to ask for your help again in the future!




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